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Welcome to Summer in Santa Fe!

Hollyhocks in Bloom, Santa Fe, NM

It's hard to believe it's summer after a year of lockdown. It's wonderful to see people out and about enjoying the warm weather and flowers are blooming all over Santa Fe. It's truly quite a site to see! Children are playing outside, people are dining outside, and it's great to see the Tai Chi-ers in the park again!

Sunday, June 20th, was the summer solstice. While it technically marks the longest day of the year, and the official start of the summer season, the summer solstice has a greater history and set of traditions. Historians believe that humans marked the summer solstice as far back as the Stone Age. Cultures ranging from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Chinese and Vikings honored the solstice. In ancient Greece, the solstice was the start of the new year, and in ancient Rome, the solstice marked the festival of Vesta, goddess of the hearth. Ancient China associated

the summer solstice with yin, which is the feminine life force.

Summer is a time to celebrate the fruits of the earth. It's the best time of year to visit your local farmer's market. Summer always brings back memories of eating vine ripened tomatoes and the sweet scent of cooking with fresh herbs from the garden.

We hope to see you around Santa Fe enjoying summer with your family, and we are incredibly happy to be able to help make your summer beautiful!

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