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Lions, Tigers, BEARS!? Oh my!

As we come into the cooler months that could only mean one thing. Halloween? Yes, but no! It means bears are coming out of hibernation and looking for food and water!

What can I do to prevent bears near my home?

Bringing in all your bird feeders at night, including humming bird feeders and seed feeders.

Secure your garbage bins, and avoid disposing of food in your garbage until day of pick up, bears are tempted by food smells.

Don't forget to turn on lights and check your surroundings before letting out your animals for their nightly business.

Properly dispose of fallen fruit if you have fruit baring trees.

Be aware of your surroundings at night and during early mornings!

Being aware of bears can not only keep your home safe but your family, and the lives of the bears as well.

Enjoy this photo that one of our clients caught in their yard!

Be Safe, and don't pet the bears!

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