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A Plea for Vaccinations

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

This week, the news has taken a turn as the Delta variant is running rampant through the unvaccinated population in the U.S. I will avoid the politics that have been associated with COVID-19 vaccination, and will instead make a personal plea to anyone who is still not vaccinated. David was hesitant to get vaccinated, but he came to realize we wouldn't be able to travel if he didn't get the shot, and for us, that would have been an incredible loss.

So on his birthday, David received his second Pfizer vaccination. At first, he was not happy to be spending his birthday waiting to see if he had any side effects, but then we all thought, we should celebrate that this shot brings us all closer to being able to get back to the things we enjoy in life that COVID put a stop too. So the office team got David a birthday hat and a lei, and he marched into the vaccination site like a boss.

In reading this, I ask you to think of someone or something important to you that was taken away by COVID-19. Hold that thought in your heart and think about how much you would like to see that person you miss or do that thing you love. For us, it was travel the world. For someone else, it may be to visit grandparents or grandchildren or go to a concert or movie. Then think about what you can do to make your wish a reality. If you are vaccinated, thank you for doing your part to protect all of us. If you are still on the fence about vaccination, just remember that a shot in your arm could save the life of someone you love and give you the freedom to return to a post-COVID normal someday. We will get through this together.

Written by Maria Griego, Financial Director.

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